Business Services

Vertex helps you use technology to support your business by offering the following services:

Analyze, recommend, install and configure new computer systems and peripherals to provide your employees the cost-effective and efficient tools they need to be the most productive.

Install and configure new software and operating systems to automate and streamline your business processes.

Design, install and support small computer networks.
Help your business save money by sharing valuable resources such as printers, network storage and Internet connections between your computers.

Perform the critical regular maintenance and updates necessary to keep your systems ready and functioning properly when you need them.

Help you choose an Internet service provider and configure your computers for Internet access. We can also help make Internet use safer by installing anti-virus, spyware removal, or firewall software. If you have high speed Internet service, we can educate you on the additional risks and install the required hardware to help keep your computers safe and secure.