Residential Services

Vertex helps you understand and make the best use of technology by offering the following services:

Time for a faster computer? Running out of disk space? Need a faster video card so you can play the latest games? Vertex can work with you to select new hardware and configure it to your needs. We’ll also transfer your existing data to your new system.

Vertex can install and configure new software programs and operating systems that will allow you to get the most from your computer.

We can install and configure a home network so you can share your Internet connection and printer with other computers in your home, or simply have fun playing computer games with your friends and family.

We will perform the critical regular maintenance and updates necessary to keep your systems ready and working properly when you need them.

Vertex can assist you in choosing the right Internet service provider so you can email your friends, shop online, visit your favorite websites or even share family photos on the Web. We can also help make Internet use safer by installing anti-virus, spyware removal or firewall software. If you have high speed Internet service, we can educate you on the additional risks and install the required hardware to help keep your computer safe and secure.